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Transworld Co., Ltd provides dealers and end users complete access to Japan’s vast vehicle market. With access to all auctions across Japan, and the ability to ship from all ports to any destination, Transworld is grown to hold a global portfolio of clients. The company’s entry into the market began by supplying key African and Asian markets, including South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, handpicked vehicles of the highest quality at unmatchable prices. This mix of quality and affordability has propelled the company forward while cementing strong partnerships with major vehicle dealers across the globe.

Backed by decades of experience in the vehicle industry found in its senior management, along with highly dedicated and innovative team of purchasing and logistics experts, the company is pushed by the desire to provide the best service in the market, ingrained with a customer-centric work ethic which has become the foundation of its success.


To become one of the major Japanese suppliers of new and used vehicles, renowned for its customer focused approach.


To create a reliable channel of Japanese vehicle sourcing for large to small dealers as well as end customers globally, focusing on affordability and superior service.

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Transworld's complete access to all Japan's auctions allows the company to source almost any vehicle quickly,while providing its customers a grate set of choices.